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nanometrics 3000.

the NanoSpec 3000 Automatic Film Thickness measurement system

TrustPro has been supplying, servicing, calibrating, repairing and supporting the Nanometrics 3000 AFT for UK and European customers since 2002. The Nano 3000 AFT has been a fundamental system to many Semiconductor fabrication facilities and universities alike providing an ideal solution for desktop Thin Film Metrology.

The Nanometrics 3000 is a very robust system with a range of standard films but also the facility to create recipes and materials for bespoke purposes.

The Nano 3000 ships with the following default programs and hardware specification:

standard film types

  1. Oxide on Silicon
  2. Nitride on Silicon
  3. Neg resist on Silicon
  4. Poly on Oxide
  5. Neg resist on Oxide
  6. Nitride on Oxide
  7. Thin Oxide
  8. Thin Nitride
  9. Polyimide on Silicon
  10. Pos Resist on Silicon
  11. Pos Resist on Oxide
  12. Reflectance mode
  13. Thick Oxide

hardware specifications

  1. Light Illumination A halogen lamp is used for illumination and manual optical coloured filters are available for use during a measurement
  2. Number of Films Up to three films
  3. Wavelength Range 400-800nm
  4. Film Thickness Range 100–200,000Å (0.00001–20µm)
  5. Reproducibility <2Å (1σ static repeatability)
  6. Measurement Time <3 seconds
  7. Wafer Size 100mm, 125mm, 150mm and 200mm
  8. Optics White light halogen lamp Holographic grating Linear Diode Array Detector 10X Objective Lens Spot Size 25µm
  9. Computer Pentium-PC with high capacity disk drives
  10. Data Management Statistics, Histogram and Mapping, Print and Export (CVS Excel format)

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we produce & supply spares for a range of products

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