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Compact Cooling 170 –
Watt Recirculating Chiller

why choose the ComCool170?

The Comcool 170 was first developed in 2012 by Trustpro with a sole purpose of facilitating the deceased market with respect to keeping a deceased body not only at a constant temperature but also to reduce a bodies core temperature as quickly as possible. Since 2012 the Comcool’s portability has made the system a favourite within those arenas and now with over 400 systems installed is becoming a worldwide favourite. Roftek have rolled out the system, named Covercool, throughout the UK, Ireland, Europe and Australia and currently ongoing work to roll out the system in the United States. More information on Flexmort’s application can be found here >

The Big Brother of the Comcool 170 is currently being developed and rated at 800W of cooling power but also with heating capability. The system is being designed to assist industry in a variety of scenarios such as Sulphuric Acid heating, deposition platen cooling, chemical tank temperature control and much more.


Portable compact chiller for ease of movement between locations


Energy efficient


Self-contained fluid


Only four moving parts


Fans rated at 33dB meaning a low noise solution ideal for laboratories


Low cost maintenance


PID control as standard


Alarms as standard

specifications summary

(excludes additional options)

Operating Range: 5°C to ambient (@ 25°C ambient)

Cooling Capacity: 170W watts cooling

Modes: Fixed setpoint, cycling

Precision: PID control resulting in +/- 0.1°C accuracy

Coolant: Water/glycol mixture, ( recommended TrustPro fluid)

Power: 85—265 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz

Pump: ≈ 3.0Lpm @ ≈ 6psi (Additional option: flow rate between
1Lp,m and 10Lpm ) ≈ 10000hrs mtbf

Alarms: Fluid low, no fluid flow.

Process Fittings: CPC quick connect as standard

Noise: Fans rated at 33 dB

Overall size (L x W x H): 365mm x 249mm x 349mm

Weight: 11kgs ( including fluid)

Standards: CE compliant, EMC/LV compliant

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we produce & supply spares for a range of products

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