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the ALSIM AL-50

Our recent purchase of an ALSIM AL-50 will help us embark on a new avenue of not only flight simulators but will be used to test our headsets in an genuine aircraft situation before supplying them to customers in the GA arena.

The AL-50 will be run using a single projector system but the future plan is to integrate 3 projectors allowing a full 180 degree field of view.  The AL-50 is an ideal tool for perfecting your IFR skills and or / communication skills as the simulator will be connected to an instructor station providing a more realistic feel to your flight experience.

The aerodynamic behaviour of the included flight models is close to reality and allows pilots to experience highly realistic as well as reliable flight sensations.

Pilots can carry out all normal as well as emergency checklists due to entirely active flight panels and controls.

ALSIM flight trainers distinguish themselves by user-friendly configurations as well as easy upgrades.

Our machines offer the most cost-effective solution on the market.

standard equipment

  • A one seat cockpit
  • An adjustable seat
  • Rudder with brakes
  • Wheel with electrical trims: push to talk, automatic pilot disconnect button, chronometer activator
  • Spring force control loadings (BITD version)
  • Electric control force loading on a pitch axis (FNPT 1 version)


  • Visual system, frontal projection
  • Visual system software which includes all tar landing strips in Europe
  • Tailor-made airport environnements

simplified mechanical system

All mechanical elements of the flight trainer are simple and standardised. Optional electric motors allow an excellent force feedback. The entire system is mounted on a frame which allows trouble-free access from the front. All parts of the flight trainer can be easily removed.

modular electronics

Push buttons and controls as well as the annunciator panels and other indicators are run by ALSIM’s highly sophisticated electronic system which is characterised by:

  • Real time compatibility: a 200 times per second up-date
  • Simple wiring: a single wire runs from one part of the simulator to the other
  • Easy maintenance: software, which is eqipped with a multi-window graphical interface, runs the system

instructor’s station

The instructor’s station comprises all the management functions needed to conduct lessons such as the:

  • Positioning of the aircraft
  • Freezing of parameters
  • Saving of paths
  • Activation of different kind of failures
  • Registration of a prepared lesson plan

The above functions allow instructors to cover a multitude of complex pedagogical situations, these are accessible via a user-friendly interface and touchscreen.

It also includes a program to carry out regular data up-dates for landing strips and beacons.

visual system

A frontal projection visual system. An LCD projector, its support structure as well as projection screen.


Height: 1.60 m, 5.25 ft.

Width: 0.80 m, 2.62 ft.

Length: 2.30 m, 7.55 ft.

Weight: 350 kg, 770 lbs.

installation requirements

Temperature: from 0°C to +25°C

Humidity: < 80% (no condensation)

An air conditioning system is required in the room in order to maintain a constant temperature of 20°C

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we produce & supply spares for a range of products

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